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What is a Transaction Coordinator ("TC")?

  • A Real Estate Transaction Coordinator is a Professional who assists a Real Estate Broker/Agent in performing various administrative duties

  • The TC will manage tasks from when the contract is established to when the deal closes

  • A Real Estate TC can handle the contract side of the process

  • While the Broker/Agent focuses on meeting people and establishing relationships, the TC will work on the contract and ensure all the finer points in the contract(s) go through

  • The TC helps in noting what tasks have to be completed

  • The TC can find the smallest details and ensure they are finished

  • A TC focuses on reviewing all the details that go into a real estate transaction

  • A TC can also help resolve many of the administrative tasks a Broker/Agent may not have time to complete

Why Hire a TC?

  • A TC helps you free up your time:

    • To establish relationships with other parties and convert your leads

    • For all the unique projects you wish to complete

  • The problem with running a business is that you have too many things to do at once.  You don't have enough time to manage some of the smaller things in the workplace.  Even if you did, you might not have enough focus/desire

  • Having a partner on hand to assist you in handling your real estate transactions can make a difference

  • A Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Will help you reduce the stress associated with the transaction effort

Are You Licensed?   

  • Yes, The Real Estate Transaction Pros are made up of a team of 2 Licensed Real Estate Brokers

When WE decide to work together do we sign an contract?

  • Yes, you will sign an Engagement Agreement to work with The Real Estate Transaction Pros which will outline all of our duties/obligations  

  • Then for each transaction you utilize our services, you will complete a Transaction Registration Form and Brokerage Protocol Form (if applicable)

How do we get started?

See Our Contact Page for Simple Directions

How can I submit a file to you?

After Our Discovery Call we will provide you a copy of our Engagement Agreement to sign as well as a blank copy of our Transaction Registration Form.  You will email the completed Registration Form directly to  Once your transaction has been started, you will receive a maildrop email address specific to your transaction for uploading documents

What are your upfront costs?

There are NO Upfront costs for our services 

If my transaction doesn't close, do you have a fee?

NO, we are paid upon successful close of escrow

How do you get paid?

  • If charging your client, we can put our invoice on the settlement statement  

  • If paying from your commission, payment is to be made directly to The Real Estate Transaction Pros within 5 days of closing


Are my transactions confidential? 

You bet!!!  We take privacy seriously. We will not share any information with anyone without your written permission

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